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Make Better Use Of Your Time!

Our purpose is for you to make better use of your time in your business and personal life!


If you need a right-hand person, you're in the right place. I'll either help you myself, or connect you with someone who will get the job done.

My name is Nicky Schleihauf,  business manager and founder of The Assistants. I thrive on efficiency and seeing people succeed.

Do you require a specific skill set? I'm multi-talented. I also have access to the best talent with technical skills, heart and business acumen to help you in your business. My team and I work diligently to drive our clients' success and we maintain a thread of humour and gratitude while doing it! We believe it's about the journey, not the destination.

I hold dear to the notion that health is our most valuable asset.  I work with clients to help them make better use of their time so they can preserve their health while pursuing their goals.

Before working in the virtual space, I was an Environment and Business consultant and worked in both the private and public sector. I loved what I did, and worked on fantastic projects at home and abroad, but I wanted more. I wanted more time to spend with my family and I wanted to steer my own ship.  Now I do just that, and I use my experiences to help other business owners achieve similar results.

If you value time for the scarcity that it is, you have a plan for moving your business forward, and you're open to receiving some R&R tips I might occasionally provide, contact me. I would be happy to discuss the potential synergy our teams could create!

Nicky Schleihauf, Online Business Manager & Lead Virtual Assistant

Nicky Schleihauf, Online Business Manager & Lead Virtual Assistant

rave reviews

Nicky is a multi-talented professional. When I was stressed while starting my new business, she stepped in and organized all my social media needs creatively and efficiently. Nicky is an excellent communicator and provides solutions with a positive, supportive attitude. Her team is knowledgeable and flexible, and they often identify unforeseen challenges and ways to overcome them. They are such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this company!
— Susan Lahey, Eastern Art Appraiser & Founder/CEO - Home Support For Seniors
I’m never disappointed when I outsource tasks to The Assistants. They’re competent, reliable and can work with tight deadlines. Their personalized service also makes me feel like I have my own employees working for me. I would recommend Nicky and her team anytime!
— Markus Winkler, Real Estate Agent - Sutton Group Heritage