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People often say to us "we need a virtual assistant but we don't know how to get started".  

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How to Prepare & What to Expect

Step 1. Organize your tasks and determine your immediate needs.

Step 2. Schedule a free consultation call with Nicky.

Step 3. Upon agreement of a working relationship, Nicky will send you a contract and the notes discussed during the call for confirmation.

Step 4. Sign the contract and pay the downpayment via paypal, e-transfer or credit card.

Step 5.  Fill out intake form and planning document.


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Rave reviews

Nicky is a hustler! She works hard for herself and her clients. I am truly blessed to know her and her team. They are my “go-to” people for getting things done.
— Mike Dewar - A-1 Renovating & Painting
Nicky is a pleasure to work with! She continually works to upgrade her skills so she stays current, which really impressed me. Nicky responds to requests in a timely manner, offers valuable insights and delivers on what she promises. She is a great asset to my team

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