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The Assistants is an online project management and virtual assistance company based in  Ontario, Canada. Our boutique firm works best with solopreuners and small to medium sized businesses. We're a multidisciplinary team of professionals with expertise in administrative support, digital marketing,  social media, video production, copywriting and editing. We also offer project management and consulting services for the entrepreneur who feels stuck and overwhelmed.

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Rave review

Nicky at The Assistants is an integral asset to my team. Throughout the years, she has been key to my success as a business owner and continues to provide value in every task assigned. When I first hired her in 2012 to do bookkeeping, I gave her a small turnaround time to complete this task. Simply put - she did not disappoint! She quickly understood my requirements, organized large volumes of data and expertly prepared reports.

Since then, Nicky has provided ongoing support for my company in other areas and I feel at ease knowing a quick call to her translates into exceptional results. I can’t say enough about her - she is highly organized, flexible and learns quickly. Her autonomous working-style frees my team up to focus on more high level, strategic work. I highly recommend Nicky’s virtual assistant company. Her incredible work ethic and value add, are a must have package.
— Julie Rezvani, Managing Director - The Orion Group

Overview of Services



Drowning in paperwork?  Let's get you organized. We'll put systems in place to improve the daily operation of your business. Our job is to absorb the tasks that drain your productivity so you can focus on higher level projects. Going away on vacation? We're your "out-of-the-office" team. We'll be your point of contact for your customers and suppliers and we'll keep business running while you enjoy some R & R.

Online Marketing

Distinguish yourself from your competitors. If you have a great product or service, but you're unsure on how to reach your target audience, we can help. We'll work with you to design the right marketing strategy for your target market. Promoting your business on the internet could be daunting, but we're VIRTUAL assistants. "The internet" is our playground. We'll make sense of this medium for you.

Social Media

Do you have a web presence? We can set you up on all applicable social media platforms and maintain your accounts. We'll make the connections and engage on your behalf. If you already have social, we  can evaluate your accounts and make recommendations.  This form of marketing is time-consuming but done right, it's very effective. Interested in doing it yourself? We can show you how. 

Video Production

Does your company have a promotional video? Do you need content for your YouTube channel? We can edit your raw footage or shoot on location for clients in the Greater Toronto Area. Give us your story-board or we can create one for you. We also love doing keepsake videos; staff and family "just-for-fun" videos are a pleasure to produce. 

Writing & Editing

Don't rely on your university writing skills to produce content for your business. Crafting copy is an art, and the rules are always changing. Let's turn your ideas into words of literary perfection and impact your customers. Do you want to write a book or get a second pair of eyes on your blog posts? We do that too. 

Small Business Consulting

Ditch the piecemeal approach to running your business.  If you're just starting out and need a roadmap to get started, we can help you determine actionable steps that's manageable for you. Have you been in business for a long time but your strategies are no longer working?  We'll help you understand current trends and come up with a plan to revamp and reposition your brand.